Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Beer Review Port Brewing Hop-15

Celebrating the 4th this weekend is great for a number of reasons, my favorite of course is enjoying great beer.  I have had the fortune of trying Hop-15 a number of times, last time was at City Beer, this time in Stockton with my girlfriends family, both times didn't disappoint. 

Hop 15 has 15 different hop varieties added to the beer every 15 minutes. It has won two silver medals at the Great American Beer Festival and received a first place award at the Bistro Double IPA beer festival. 

Hop-15 pours cloudy with amber color.  Aroma:  There is a huge hop nose, pine and grapefruit.  Taste:  Hops, Hops, and even more hops pine and grapefruit again.  The sweetness of the malt is crushed by hops and the high alcohol.  The beer finishes with an alcohol bite and the lingering hop bitterness. 

Honestly not one of the best Imperial IPA's on the block but a good one.  It doesn't have the balance of Pliney the Elder, Green Flash Imperial IPA or a new favorite of mine Mission Brewing Double IPA.  The hot finish really can be off putting and as the beer warms up the alcohol took over.

Rating:  I would drink this again, but not by myself.  This 22oz bottle comes in at 10% abv and after one of them driving is not an option.  So grab a friend, pop one open and enjoy.

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  1. Great review of the beer. I agree that this is definitely a beer to share with people but I feel that way about most 22oz nowadays regardless of ABV.