Saturday, July 3, 2010

Beer in Review Mission St. Brown Ale

I guess I could write about other things aside from beer reviews, but they are so fun and tasty I guess I will role with it. 

I am sure you have seen Mission St. beer at your local Trader Joe's, but you may not know what you are actually drinking.  Luckily for Trader Joe fans we are able to enjoy Mission St. beer brewed by Steinhaus Brewing Co. in Paso Robles.  Steinhaus brewing a.k.a. Firestone Walker Brewing Company has been named mid-sized brewery of the year 3 times and contracts a variety of beers for Trader Joe's; including Mission St. Pale (GABF Gold medel winner), IPA, Blonde, Hefe (also in 22oz.) , as well as Fat Weasel and Jumping Cow brands.  My friend that works at Trader Joe's told me about this 22oz bottle for $1.99 and I had to get it.
I am not a huge fan of browns only because there aren't a whole lot to choose from, aside from Newcastle and Lost Coast we don't have a huge selection to chose from in the Bay.  I have a small hatred for Newcastle because when I drank it for the first time 10-12 years ago I really didn't like it.  My tastes have changed over the years, but I still feel that Newcastle is still an extremely overrated beer.  But Mission St. Brown is different and therefore better than Newcastle (in my opinion).

Mission St. Brown is an English brown style and is classic to profile and favors.  I guess I could try and go into color and head and mouth feel, I could describe the subtle sweetness and the aroma of hops as it warmed up.  But I won't, I will tell you this is a very drinkable beer and for 2 bucks is a very reasonable beer to buy.  It's not going to blow you away with complexity or amaze you with new flavors. It costs $2 and for that, you can't go wrong. 

Rating:  Hell yeah I would drink it again.  A tasty drinkable brown is hard to come by for a reasonable price and it's brewed by Firestone Walker, nough said.

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