Monday, October 10, 2011

Avery Brewing Dépuceleuse

I decided to brew up some beer this weekend and part of the brew was to split it in half and make a sour version.  I looked at a few different blogs and it was suggested to toss in the dregs of different soured beers to get those needed yeasts into the beer.  I figured it was a great reason to pop open a beer I've been holding onto for awhile.

Avery started a barrel program and apparently have a few different sours coming out.  I picked this bottle up during my Colorado Beerventure last year and have been excited to drink it ever since.

Dépuceleuse is aged in oak zinfindel barrels with sour cherries and 100% brett fermentation.  Aroma is sour and yet a little bit of fruit balanced out.  Taste sour and oak, which I am a huge fan off and finishes dry and tart.  Not a whole lot of funk in this beer.  It is very clean and the flavors are balanced and nice.  

This beer is on the high end of the spectrum, but the love and care they put into it is well worth it.  Loved this beer only wish I grabbed a couple more. 

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