Thursday, September 8, 2011

Orval Review

It has been quite awhile since I have posted on this blog.  I have been a little busy moving back to the Bay Area and planning my wedding, yep I got engaged.  So things have been busy and inspiration has eluded me the past few months.  But inspiration is a funny thing and today I was inspired to do this.  I decided to go into my back log of beers and pick one that honestly didn't get on my radar until just before I left the Emerald City.

Orval pours out hazy,  golden yellow with a nice white head.  Nose is sour and funky.  Taste is tart, with a musty barnyard flavor that barely covers the citrus notes of the hops.   Because Orval has such a light and dry mouth-feel, the hoppy/bitter finish really stands out in this beer. 

Overall I liked this beer.  It honestly wasn't what I had expected in terms of it being a sour beer because the hops were a bit of a surprise.  I am not sure what the hype was about and at $7 a pop, I could think of a couple other brews that I would enjoy more. But if you are a Belgian beer purist, cough up the dough and try a true original.

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  1. A true original and at only $7 that is saying something.